Advertising LED Signs

Banners, Panels

Banner like LED signs in any shape, size or color.

High quality leds

These leds reduce the energy consumption and guarantee a strong brightness.

Control remote

The remote control system ensures network connectivity through cable or wireless. A smartphone app is available.

Smart design

Easy maintenance front/back access, no screws, module replacement can be done in seconds.


Advertising panels banner type

We manufacture animated signs, panels and banners with led technology in any shape, size or color (red, green, blue, white, orange).

TECHNO FUSION delivers custom made advertising signs upon customer's demand.

We offer the possibility for the beneficiary to choose the colors of the panel (green, red, white, blue, orange), up to 15 animation patterns, clock, temperature, brightness, text messages, text showing on maximum 3 different rows.

We offer two types of led banners:
programmable panels;
pre-programmable panels.

The electronic components that we use in our products are manufactured by global industry leaders (LED-CREE, uC – Microchip or Silicon Laboratories, power driver Texas Instruments or Macroblock).


Available models

panou publicitar dolce sport



  • » panel size: any shape and size;
  • » weight: 20-25 Kg/mp (depending on the panel model);
  • » input voltage: 220 V;
  • » LED colors: green, blue, red, white, orange;
  • » life span: 70.000 hours;
  • » LED brightness: 4200 mcd/LED;
  • » viewing angle: 110° (horizontal), 40° (vertical);
  • » programming mode: COM port or USB;
  • » the possibility of choosing between maximum 15 animation patterns and the time between them through a PC software;
  • » setting the brightness;
  • » leds: 2560/sqm;
  • » led size: 5 mm oval LED CREE;
  • » temperature sensor;
  • » panel animations: maximum 15 animations, clock, text messages, maximum 3 independent text rows, temperature
    (-30, +50 degrees C);
  • » work temperature: -30, +50 degrees C;
  • » power consumption: 85-140 W/sqm (depending on the configured animations);
  • » aluminium case, PVC;
  • » intelligent system with the most performant 8 bits microcontroller; the animation is programmable with a COM type cable;
  • » the ‘Jtag’ programming can be customized on client’s demand;
  • » the succeeding frequency of the animations: 60 frames/sec; 355 frames saved in memory.
panouri tip banner programabile


SC TECHNO FUSION SRL manufactures advertising panels with LED technology in any shape or size. This panels can be statical or animated. The animation is preset and programmed by the manufacturer according to customer demand.

We offer the possibility for the beneficiary to choose the colors of the panel (green, red, white, blue, orange) and up to 15 animation patterns.


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Ecrane LED profesionale ! Recomand cu încredere !

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Professional LED panel manufacturing!

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Profi LED

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