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» programmable;
» pre-programmable;


» programmable;
» pre-programmable;


» LED modules;
» LED controllers;
» switching power supplies 250W;
» CREE leds;


Test systems for production

  Manufacturer of in-circuit test fixtures
With our specialization in the fabrication of custom Test Fixtures we can offer also a services for manufactured of ICT test fixture. We offer following services:
• Custom CNC Machining;
• Wiring;
• Assembly;
• ATE programming on request;

Build of Fixture for PCB testing
We offer mechanical Stand alone fixture with a long operating life and available in a range of sizes.
Ideal for functional testing, we can support up to 300 probes and 2N. With a mechanical exchangeable cassette system providing you a best price/performance test solution for frequently changing products. You save time during product changes because no tools are required.
With our test fixture we can provide outstanding continuous testing performance up to 1 million cycles.

Software for functional test
We offer software for automation of test systems. ( LabVIEW, CVI, or other software on request )

Automated tests of LEDs in production (Color, Brightness and Light Intensity)
With our test fixture we can test multiple LEDs simultaneously for Color and Brightness. We use two models of test equipment, for 5 and 20 Channels, or multiple of this numbers.
There is also possibility of measuring LED Wavelength in operating Range -380nm to 780nm.

Automated test system for final test
Tester for LED
Vision system/handler for LED color differentiation.
Automated electrical and pneumatically test in production environments.

Automation for production
Selective conformal coating/dispensing system;
Automation of production processes (screwing, parts assembly, housing...) ;

test systems for production
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European Manufacturer!

made in EUAll the products are manufactured in our own facility located in Iasi, where we have a manufacturing plant about 1.500 sqm, with a team of over
50 specialised employees.
  Top quality products

pharmacy crosses
pharmacy displays
LED displays
LED video displays
road signs
scoring display boards
banner type panels
components & systems
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fast deliveryWith the benefits of a large manufacturing plant, we quickly produce any order.

We ensure the delivery, montage, installation, technical assistance and fast service for any products, anywhere in the European Union.
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